EduTech Disruption Day

EduTech Disruption Day 5.5.2022 #ETD2022

NEW LEARNING NOW AND IN THE FUTURE! – Lets’s disrupt Edutech together! – New tech, learning and sustainability – New ideas, new opportunities – Sustainable earth and takeoff!

This Annual Event is organized by Keuda Group at Keuda Hall in Southern Finland and virtually online starting 8 am CET on 5 May 2022. Keuda is passioned about exploring and piloting new technology in teaching.

Youtube recording of our event in 2021: added soon

Youtube recording of our event in 2022, English program starts at: 3:26:55 Murros 2022 – YouTube

Check out the performers and the schedule of the event.

The Aim of the Event

The aim of the event is to promote the learning of new technologies in Vocational schools by highlighting digital ways in which, for example, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and artificial intelligence are already utilized in teaching and business. Through practical examples, we want to inspire and encourage students and entrepreneurs to openly study, experiment and adopt new technologies. At the same time, we want to deepen the interaction between VET providers and the business world around these modern themes.

The program of the event is based on TED talk-type speeches especially by pioneering companies, where they present their products utilizing new technology. According to the companies, several internationally significant players have already been tentatively confirmed.

Students and teaching staff from educational institutions as well as business people from all over the world are invited to the event. The event includes its own international section (in English), with numerous new technology themes and notable speakers. The keynote speakers in earlier Murros-events were e.g. Microsoft European Director Julich Wiberg, Futurist Risto Linturi, NVidia and Varjo Leaders and more!

We want open-mindedly inspire students, teachers and entrepreneurs to learn about new technologies, adopt them, enrich their learning and future work and thus create a culture of experimentation in educational institutions and companies.

Sneak peak:

In this video Risto Linturi, an internationally renowned futurist talks with AI Samantha P. December, his teaching assistent, about Keuda and innovations.

Few examples of last years presenters

Experience, feel, collaborate, and enhance competences together through technology,
Education Channel Manager, Julich Wiberg, Microsoft – Western Europe

“Technology assists us connecting from anywhere.
We see new opportunities help us experience together
and feel the presence engaging with eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures.
This is enhancing our personality when we collaborate and communicate.
This fluidity accelerates decision-making and speeds problem-solving.
Several evolving technologies as Microsoft Mesh, HoloLens 2, VR headset make this possible.

Enhancement of existing platforms like Teams, AI in MS Office enable students,
teachers and EdTech companies to create exciting new experiences.
Think about students, teachers and co-workers being able to
duplicate the serendipity of in-person learning – without the time and cost of travel
– thanks to holoportation, holographic sharing, and visualization.”

Biohacking – Teemu Arina (Some basics, Q&A etc!)

Well-being -topic discussions maybe with Teemu!

Teemu Arina, Technological Transformist, Biohacker

Optimizing Human Performance,
Learning & Wellbeing with Biohacking Biohacking
is all about better living through science,
technology, and data-driven self-experiments.

If you strive for physical & cognitive performance,
improved stress resilience & recovery,
better energy management, or simply improved health & wellbeing,
this lecture will provide you
the practical basics to become a well-oiled human machine.

 Robocentre – RoboLab at Roskilde Technical College, Vice Director, Mrs Vibeke Pakkenberg, Roskilde Technical VET College

“Let’s face it, robots are cool. They’re implemented all over companies and used in working tasks,
where robots interacts with coworkers and its environment achieving goals.
I will discuss some of the fundamental challenges of implementing robots,
incorporating teachers in the developing process and how we build up and use a robolab for our students.”

Earlier events:

Murros 2021

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