How to complete a qualification?

Studies will be planned individually

At the beginning of your studies, a personal competence development plan (PCDP, HOKS in Finnish) will be drawn up with you. In the plan, the study units to be completed will be determined and your competence and your possible need for support will be mapped.

The duration of your studies is individual and is based on a personal skills development plan that takes into account the skills you have acquired previously. At most, it takes about 2–3 years to complete vocational upper secondary qualification studies, and about 1–1.5 years to complete further vocational or specialist vocational qualification studies.

Forms of learning and methods of acquiring competence

Keuda offers both full-time learning and multiform learning. In full-time learning, a large part of the learning takes place face-to-face with teachers, which is supplemented by periods of on-the-job learning. In multiform learning, the teaching is focused on the training organized in the workplace. All our English-language studies are either multiform or apprenticeship trainings.

Competence must be demonstrated

Competence must be demonstrated and previously acquired competence has to be recognized. You can also complete the qualification studies without preparatory education, if you already have the necessary skills.