Which qualification suits me best?

Vocational upper secondary qualification

A vocational upper secondary qualification is suitable for you if you want to obtain a profession for yourself. The vocational upper secondary qualification programme gives you basic professional skills for various tasks in the field as well as preparation for entrepreneurship and further studies. Completing the entire vocational upper secondary qualification programme usually takes about three years. You can also complete smaller modules (units) of the qualification programme.

Further vocational qualification

Completing further vocational qualification studies usually requires a secondary upper vocational qualification in the industry field or competence acquired through work experience and a job in the industry field. You can get more detailed information about the requirements on the webpage devoted to the specific qualification. As a student of a further vocational qualification programme, you get targeted professional skills in accordance with the needs of working life, which is more in-depth than in a vocational upper secondary qualification or focuses on more limited job tasks.

Specialist vocational qualification

A specialist vocational qualification is suitable for you if you already have rather long experience in the field. In the specialist vocational qualification studies, you deepen your work skills up to the most demanding work tasks in the field.

Vocational qualification unit

By studying an entity that is smaller than an entire qualification, i.e., a vocational qualification unit, you can acquire exactly the specific skills you lack, for example, skills without which you cannot move to new positions or develop yourself at work. There are ready-made units available, besides which you can apply to complete a vocational qualification unit according to your own needs. You can explore qualification-specific study offers on the qualification’s website.