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Welcome to Keuda, Finland!

Keuda Group, Vocational Education and Training

Keuda is a Finnish Vocational Education and Training provider, consortium with 10 campuses, in various towns, located within 30-80 kilometres to the north of Helsinki. Check Keuda broschure and read more!

Keuda kartta

Keuda provides working life -oriented education and training to the young, the adults and to companies in all fields of secondary vocational education and training (VET). We also offer development services for the progress of the region.

  • VET -training on EQF-levels 4 and 5​
  • 6th biggest vocational education and training provider in Finland​​
  • Around 6500 students (60% adults)​​
  • Around 670 employees (2/3 teaching staff)​​
  • 10 campuses ​
  • Around 25-60 km from Helsinki and the Helsinki-Vantaa airport
  • At the moment we offer qualification in English in Cleaning and property services
  • Check the qualifications we have


International activities in Keuda

Prior to Covid, we sent c.130 students abroad each year for mobility periods and hope to do the same in the future. International activities in Keuda do not only mean mobilities, but many different things, for example:

kv mindmap ENLANTI mustat viivat.


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