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Technological disruption and possibilities for educational institutions and businesses

- New skills and well-being in transition


murro englanti

Keuda’s international office welcomes you to MURROS -event, organized by Keuda and broadcasted on 2 Youtube -live channels on 29.4.21!

A GREAT English program is available on 29.4.2021 at 9 – 15 Central European Time!





Read more:

The English program available here:


To get the links to the Youtube live-broadcasts, and a link to our VR-world in Altspace to your email,  please register here:


MURROS21 is about technological disruption, and possibilities for educational institutions and businesses. It is about new skills and well-being in transition.

The event is broadcasted via 2 Youtube live channels, partly from Virtual reality (VR), Microsoft Altspace -environment.

The event is aimed at students and teaching staff in vocational education and training, and to companies.

The program consists of TED talk -type speeches and include visits to the virtual world.

Top speakers will discuss e.g. learning and well-being in the threshold of the new normal, pedagogical digital solutions, and practical examples as well as digital accessibility.

If you already have experience of Altspace VR-world, you may visit us in the VR-world during the event as an avatar! 

In the VR-world on you can try out a math labyrinth, visit many Keuda spaces, follow the Murros -event program and keynote speakers from screens in the VR-world, meet and talk with Keuda staff and international and Finnish guests.

Other option is just to follow the live Youtube broadcasts, and get an idea of what VR is.


If you do visit us in the VR-world, please begin by joining us in the morning for a tour of the world!

A pretask -requirement: in order to participate, follow these 2 tutorials to make an avatar and to learn how to act in the Altspace world:

Altspace tutorial Part 1 - YouTube
How to download the Altspace app to your computer, how to make an Avatar, how to move and act in Altspace environment)

Altspace tutorial Part 2 - YouTube
(How to add friends and how to communicate with them, How to teleport yourself to other spaces, to your friend and how to invite your friend to the same world where you are, How to add worlds as favorite)

We are pleased and excited! Please join us, and invite your colleagues, too!