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Virtual reality mainstreaming and innovation - “VRinVET”


An Erasmus+ -funded KA2 -project

1.3.2021 – 31.10.2022

Contact: Ms Katriina Lammi, Head of International Affairs, Keuda


In VRinVET -project, the features of Virtual reality (VR) in Altspace and GLUE -environments will be piloted for vocational education and training, and new learning spaces for encounters, learning, teaching, co-creation and sharing will be created.

The results will be inspiring VR learning environments and pedagogical models for use of VR in the pilot fields of mathematics, languages and communications, and electricity.

Tutorials will be arranged for beginners and rookies, to facilitate more and more staff and students getting familiar with Altspace, and participating in the pilots, expert lectures and activities.

Tutorials will be arranged a couple of times also for the general public, for whom we will offer best practices of blended and online learning, brought on by the Covid.

 Ryhmae. Haukkula

Project partners:

Keuda Group Vocational education and training, coordinator, Finland

Somorrostro, Basque country 

Fondazione Luigi Clerici, Italy

TEC Technical Education Copenhagen, Denmark

Noordepoort College, the Netherlands

GLUE (support partner)