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Tips for international virtual activities

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Since spring 2020, when Covid-19 hit and stopped our mobilities, Keuda's international office has been actively working on developing new ways to give our students and teachers international experiences as they can not travel abroad at the moment.

Last autumn we created and put into practice a virtual project called "My day in my culture", where students communicate with foreign students from our partner schools through instant messaging applications. In these messaging applications students can share photos and videos of their culture, studies and everyday life.

The project is integrated in students' English lessons and implemented together with our English teachers.

In total around 180 students from Keuda participated in this project last year. Keuda was one of the 10 international groups participating, including participants from Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.

 myday2Here is a beautiful sunset from Slovenia. 

Get inspired!

Check out all our different ideas for virtual activities here. Please feel free to use them and get inspired by them.

We have also created a Padlet Wall, where anyone can share their own ideas and see what others have come up with:

Let's share good practices and make international virtual activities part of VET-schools' everyday life.