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International mobility and visiting Keuda

Keuda has been cumulating experience in student and staff mobility for years. In 2017 we received the European Mobility Charter.

MobCharter2017 Erasmus+webbanner transparentblueKeuda's student and staff exchange is based on reciprocity with most of our partners. We organize international mobility of students and staff in 17 European countries as well as to  St Petersburg  -area in Russia, to Sanghai and Suzhou in China, and to Boryeong in South-Korea. We co-operate with over 30 schools, training institutions and intermediary organisations.

Ryhmaekuva Suomen delegaatio kevaet2014International mobilities inside Europe are funded by Erasmus+ -programme. Keuda’s arts and crafts sector and social and health care sector host and receive learning mobility via national sectoral networks, funded by Erasmus+ -programme.

International activities  outside Europe are funding by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Information on the networks can be found on the FinVET -site.


Keuda hosts individuals and groups of students for international mobility, mostly to work in companies in the area.

Located very close to the capital area, we are happy to receive numerous expert groups yearly for shorter visits to explore and learn about our training provision and e.g. about current VET-reform in Finland.

Vieraita Baskimaa18 FINALWe charge a small fee for hosting visitors. A minimum charge is 240€ +24% VAT, including 2 hours of expert presentation, discussion on a chosen theme, as well as a 3o min tour of the school premises and workshops. Extra hours are 40€ +24% VAT. Lunch and coffee may be pre-ordered and invoiced.



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