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Murros 2021


Date: 29 April 2021

Please Note! The indicated times are in Central European Time (Finnish time +1 hour) 


8.55 – 9.55 CET “Behind the scenes” - welcome to take a peak and a guided tour in  Keuda’s virtual learning environments. Keuda’s international office will guide you in English. 

8.55 Tour 1 

9.25 Tour 2 


keuda int st3A pretask -requirement: in order to participate, follow a tutorial to make an avatar! Altspace tutorial Part 1 - YouTube
How to download the Altspace app to your computer, make an Avatar, act in Altspace environment)

Altspace tutorial Part 2 - YouTube (How to add friends and how to communicate with them, How to teleport yourself to other spaces, to your friend and how to invite your friend to the same world where your are, How to add worlds as favourite)

Youtube 1-program

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Youtube 2-program  

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9.55 CET  9.55 CET

9.55 CET  Welcome to MURROS - official opening of the international part of the program.  

Hosts: Mr. Kari Honkonen and Mrs. Hanna Nyrönen

kari hanna 3

On Stage: Ms Katriina Lammi, Head of International Affairs, Keuda


9.55 CET - XR BIG STAGE: Daniel and many others are here on XR Stage! Look how Daniel used Hololenses at home already 4 years ago 2017 here!

Getting ready for the international part of the program! -the XR STAGE BIG SCREEN starts sending LIVE STAGE program (Youtube1)

10.00-11.00 CET

Youtube 1-program

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10.00-11.00 CET

Youtube 2-program  

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10.00 CET Introducing a Robolab , Mrs Vibeke Pakkenberg, Vice Director, Roskilde Tekniske

"Let’s face it, robots are cool. They’re implemented all over companies and used in working tasks, where robots interacts with coworkers and its environment achieving goals. I will discuss some of the fundamental challenges of implementing robots, incorporating teachers in the developing process and how we build up and use a robolab for our students."




10.15 CET Care and eduction robot Maatje, CEO, Richard Kuijpers,

"Care robot Maatje offers structure and conviviality

From a notification to take medication, to doing a dance, a game or a short conversation: the Maatje care robot supports people with dementia / autism and mild intellectual disabilities and acts as a therapeutic aid in, for example, youth care, hospitals, tbs clinic, physiotherapy. , diabetes, etc. But also helps in education to assist a teacher. As a care provider, informal caregiver and teacher you can easily fill this care robot with appointments, which are then spoken at the right time with certain movements and emotions in its eyes and you can determine the dialogues which Maatje speaks. Thanks to the 4G connection, this social buddy can really go anywhere."




10.27 CET *Diving to The XR MOK!

Keuda’s 5 different robot types & goals in learning, What is MOK? and much more, Mrs Marja-Liisa Valkama, teacher


10.35 CET An Opportunity to reimagine learning: Via TEAMS Mitch Weisburgh, USA,

Partnership between the RSA and Augmented Society Network

Given the pandemic and its aftermath, and give changes to society and technology, what are the needs and opportunities to enhance human learning

Human learning is beyond the education system. 30 collaborators from 15 different countries, 5 continents

Focused on 8 themes




10.55 CET Setting the scene for the afternoon program with instructions for returning to the broadcast after lunch.

Ms Katriina Lammi, Head of International Affairs




11 – 12 CET Lunch break – enjoy your meal

 11 – 12 CET Lunch break – enjoy your meal

Welcome back from lunch

12.00-13.00 CET

Youtube 1-program

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Welcome back from lunch

12.00-13.00 CET

Youtube 2-program  

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Julich foto face4

12.00 CET KEYNOTE Experience, feel, collaborate, and enhance competences together through technology, Education Channel Manager, Julich Wiberg, Microsoft – Western Europe

"Technology assists us connecting from anywhere. We see new opportunities help us experience together and feel the presence engaging with eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures. This is enhancing our personality when we collaborate and communicate. This fluidity accelerates decision-making and speeds problem-solving.

Several evolving technologies as Microsoft Mesh, HoloLens 2, VR headset make this possible. Enhancement of existing platforms like Teams, AI in MS Office enable students, teachers and EdTech companies to create exciting new experiences. Think about students, teachers and co-workers being able to duplicate the serendipity of in-person learning – without the time and cost of travel – thanks to holoportation, holographic sharing, and visualization."


Teija jussi 5

12.20 CET Introducing Keuda’s art exhibition using augmented reality.

"Pekka Halonen Academy in Keuda and Tartu Kunstikool in Estonia have created a virtual arts exhibition in augmented reality. Anyone can bring the artworks into life in his or her living room using your mobile phone. The theme of the exhibition is anamorphosis: the artworks contain secret messages that you access and try to solve in AR!

In this presentation we demonstrate how we have created such virtual arts and let you know about the upcoming launch of Virtual Arts Exhibition on 3rd of May with a full day of Teams Live podcasts."




12.40 CET Mixed reality in automotive education, project coordinator, Dirk Goyvaerts, Diagnose car, BELGIUM (Hololens2 School)

"A safe solution to get to know more about an electric vehicle and the best way to unplug the car? Our app and the hololens 2 fix the job. In a brief presentatie and a short teaser we would like you to get acquanted"

























12.40 CET Welcome to Keuda’s XR-world! (XR KEUDA) 

 Come visit us in the virtual world as an avatar! Follow first the tutorials for making and using of avatars <Altspace tutorial Part 1 - YouTube> and <Altspace tutorial Part 2 - YouTube>


12.40 CET Mitch Weisburgh Q & A, 3DBear, 3DBear House

Come to discuss about New Tech, AR or VR with us. How it all started, what is AR in education etc! We are here for You!


IMG 20210331 WA0007 212.50 CET GLOBAL EDU CENTER: Virtual reality mainstreaming and Innovating – developing and using VR with international partners, Ms Katriina Lammi, Head of International Affairs, Keuda

13.00-14.00 CET

Youtube 1-program

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13.00-14.00 CET

Youtube 2-program  

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Kuva Iina.Siren

13.00 CET Introducing Grassroot -level virtual international activities with VET-teachers in times of covid – practical examples and lessons learnt:

An interview with Iina Sirén, assistant of international Affairs


profiilikuva 1

13.10 CET Presenting practical mini-virtual -projects with teachers during covid

Mrs Suvi Kylmälä, planner of International Affairs 


13.25 CET Well-being -topic discussions with Teemu!


teemu arina electronic front3

Biohacking - some basics, Q&A

Teemu Arina, Technological Transformist, Biohacker

Optimizing Human Performance, Learning & Wellbeing with Biohacking

Biohacking is all about better living through science, technology, and data-driven self-experiments. If you strive for physical & cognitive performance, improved stress resilience & recovery, better energy management, or simply improved health & wellbeing, this lecture will provide you the practical basics to become a well-oiled human machine.


verkkosivu enkku

13. 40 CET Use of virtual reality in classroom – Case Somorrostro

Via TEAMS Somorrostro VET-school, the Basque Country Presentors: Mr Mikel Zulueta, teacher and Mr Jon Etxebarria, teacher

"Somorrostro is piloting the use of VR in teaching in vocational education and training. In an interview, 2 colleagues will share their experiences, challenges, and outcomes”


14.00-15.00 CET

Youtube 1-program

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14.00-15.00 CET

Youtube 2-program  

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14.15 CET Take your coffee and join us as an avatar in the VR-party!

- everybody to the #Murrock 2021 After Party! Let´s ROCK together!


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