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Cleaning Basics, Cleaning and property services (45 cp)


Cleaning Basics, Cleaning and property services (45 cp)

Housekeeper | Site facilities operator

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Cleaning Basics, Cleaning and property services (45 cp)

Apprenticeship training in the cleaning and property services field

These studies will provide you with targeted learning in cleaning basics, domestic services and facilities maintenance. The studies are in English, but during your studies you will also learn to use Finnish in customer service situations. The studies improve your employment opportunities in cleaning services.

Goals for the studies

You will learn how to

  • plan service tasks related to cleaning services at a customer site
  • carry out maintenance cleaning in the customer site
  • work in customer service tasks and as work community members
  • observe occupational and customer safety in your work
  • assess your work.

How are the studies like?

Most of the apprenticeship training is conducted at your workplace, but the studies are supported also by some learning days at Haaga Helia -campus in Pasila (Ratapihantie 13, Helsinki). 80 % of the training is learning on work life with different learning tasks and 20 % school teaching.

The scope of Cleaning and property services is 45 competence points. It consists of two vocational units from the Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services.

The estimated duration of the studies is from 4 to 6 months. You can supplement your studies according to your work assignments.

Site facilities operator

The training will start in autumn 2023 if there are enough applicants to start a group. The studies consist of two vocational units:

The training program schedule:

  • 17.8.2023 at 13–16
  • 31.8.2023 at 13–16
  • 14.9.2023 at 13–16
  • 28.9.2023 at 13–16
  • 12.10.2023 at 13–16
  • 26.10.2023 at 13–16
  • 9.11.2023 at 13–16
  • 16.11.2023 at 13–16
  • 30.11.2023 at 13–16
  • 14.12.2023 at 13–16

Who can apply?

These studies require that you already work in the cleaning and property services field in Finland, and your employer has agreed to tie an apprenticeship training contract.


Accomplishing this vocational qualification unit is free of charge.

How to apply?

There is continuous admission to this education. Fill in the application form and we will contact you in two weeks. Make sure your phone number and email are written correctly. To apply on this education, you need a working place.

Contact information

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