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Team Leader Vocational Degree Programme (150 cp)

Ammattitutkinnot Verkkototeutus

Team Leader Vocational Degree Programme (150 cp)

Further vocational qualification in First-Level Management

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Ammattitutkinnot Verkkototeutus

Team Leader Vocational Degree Programme (150 cp)

Develop your professional skills and study management alongside your work!

During the training, you will get tools for a better leadership and develop your own team. Also you will get to know labor legislation and the responsibilities of a supervisor/ team leader. You can choose the optional parts of the degree and focus on themes that are important to you and your work. We prepare a personal study plan with you, taking into account your previous education and work experience. We use interesting and versatile teaching methods in online teaching.

Content of the diploma

The scope of the qualification is 150 Competence Points (cp).

Compulsory vocational module: Working as a first-level manager (70 cp)

  • Lead a team and its work
  • Guide employees and familiarise them with work duties
  • Evaluate their own and their team’s activities

Optional vocational modules (2 units needed)

  • Management of customer relationship (40 cp)
  • Profitability of operations (40 cp)
  • Human resources management (40 cp)
  • Development plan (40 cp)

To whom is the training aimed at?

The training is targeted to those who are already working in a supervisory role (like a shift lead, team leader, manager etc.), so that the student can do the required tasks and show his/her competence in guiding others work as part of his/her daily activities.

How to study?

The studies are mainly conducted online and at your own workplace. You have an opportunity to make an apprenticeship contract with your employer. By selecting apprenticeship training, you will be trained while working, receive a salary and accrue work experience. The apprentice’s minimum working hours per week is 25 hours. You need to have a named workplace instructor from your own organisation. The estimated duration of the studies is one year, depending on previous experience and studies. The language of the studies is English. You need to have an access to a computer and wifi connection during the studies. The degree programme and apprenticeship is possible for those who work and live in Finland.

The next start of the training is on January 16th 2024 at 9.00–15.00 (live in Järvenpää) or on January 25th at 9.00–12.00 (online in Teams).

Does this training cost?

With an apprenticeship contract, the training is free of charge.

If you study without an apprenticeship contract, the study fee for the entire degree is EUR 400 and for the individual parts of the degree the study fee is EUR 150 per unit.

How to apply?

Info webinars
Thu 7.12.2023 at 15.00-15.30
Fri 15.12.2023 at 9.00-9.30

Sign up for the info webinar by sending an email to the teacher Milla Suominen milla.suominen@keuda.fi. Please tell which info date you want to participate in.

The application period ends on December 26th 2023.

Fill in the application form during the application period and we will contact you in two weeks. Make sure your phone number and email are written correctly.

Contact information

Suominen Milla

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Järvenpää, Sibeliuksenväylä 55

Keudan Hakeutumispalvelut

+358 9 2738 3700

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