Cleaning and property services in english - Housekeeper (Vocational qualification unit)


You will get targeted learning in providing home cleaning services in English. You will also learn to use Finnish in customer service situations. The studies improve your employment opportunities in the field of housekeeping services.

  • plan tasks related to home cleaning services at a customer site
  • carry out maintenance cleaning in a home at the customer site
  • carry out deep cleaning in a home at the customer site
  • carry out tasks related to textile and clothing care of homes at a customer site
  • work in customer service tasks and as work community members
  • observe occupational and customer safety in your work
  • assess your work


There is continuos admission to this vocational qualification unit.

Fill in the application form on this page and we will contact you. Make sure your phone number and email are written correctly.

Completing this vocational qualification unit

The scope of this vocational qualification unit is 30 competence points.

Estimated studying time: 4 to 6 months. Studying includes work-based-learning and therefore students have to search for a work place where they can carry out the work-based-learning.


Accomplishing vocational qualification unit is free of charge.

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