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Further Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services - Competence area of Site Facilities Services


These studies require that you already work in the cleaning and property services field in Finland, and your employer has agreed to tie an apprenticeship training contract.

Site Facilities Operatives work in institutional cleaning tasks and customer service situations as set out in the service contract of the customer site. They know how to provide maintenance cleaning services and carry out isolation room and equipment maintenance facility cleaning tasks as well as handle and sort wastes. They also know how to carry out food service and bed care tasks. Depending on their choices, they also know how to plan and implement cleaning services at different customer sites, including food industry installations, special sites, hotel and other accommodation facilities, shopping centres and store facilities, cultural history sites, means of transport, educational institutions and day-care centres, cleanrooms, construction cleaning, industrial establishments, or swimming pool and spa facilities.

Keuda is first Vocational School to get permission to provide education in english on Further Vocational Qualification of Cleaning and Property Services. Our style to teach is very practical. We have live contacts, Teams, smaller WA groups, and differed pedagogical teaching methods. Our teachers have long experience and knowledge of our customers' daily life and needs.

Top 3 qualities of a professional

  • Customer orientated attitude
  • Active, like to handle different kind of tasks at working day
  • Always interested to learn new info on hygiene


To apply on this education, you need a working place , because this is apprenticeship education 80 % learning on work life with different learning tasks and 20 % school teaching. There is continuos admission to this education.

You can apply if:

  • you already work in the cleaning and property services field in Finland
  • your employer has agreed to tie an apprenticeship training contract.

Fill in the application form on this page and we will contact you. Make sure your phone number and email are written correctly.

Completing vocational qualification

Most of the apprenticeship training is conducted at your workplace, but the studies are supported also by learning days on fridays at 12.00 to 1500 at Pasila, Helsinki, address: Uutiskatu,2.

Estimated duration of studies is 12 months.


Accomplishing this vocational qualification unit is free of charge

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