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Keuda tekee virtuaalimaailmoja!

In english:

"  WATCH THIS! - katso tämä!
At our School Keuda we are making interactive Virtual Worlds! This short video version example is from last year 2019 September where I was guiding one of our students Harri Huhtala.
The idea here was to make a VR World about one of our Digilabs... (w. Unity, Oculus Quest)
Imagine that you just look at the Robo poster and you are "beamed" (like in Star Trek)...directly to the Robo Planet! Robots are coming towards to You... but no worries! ...You can actually see there our digital possibilities in robotics and learn things. Same with 3D or AR or VR or AI etc...
Our messages here in these coming projects also "You can do it!" "We can do it" "Together!" etc!
More Virtual Worlds coming soon!
Tulossa uusia videoita Keudan opiskelijoiden tekemistä virtuaalimaailmoista!

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