Graduation, Celebrations, and Certificate

Time of Graduation

When a student completes their entire degree, they receive a diploma for their studies. For completing parts of the degree, the student receives a certificate of the completed components. All signatures are provided by the principal.

Keuda’s official diploma signing day is generally the last Friday of the month. For a student to graduate at the end of the month, all performances must be completed by the given date. Completed performances mean that the studies have been completed and the teacher has had time to assess them by the deadline. Teachers have two weeks to assess performances after they have been submitted. About two weeks are reserved for producing the certificate with signatures.

Graduating students’ names may be published on websites and local newspapers. Inform the study office if you do not want your name to be published.

When you graduate, your Keuda user ID will stop working. Save the files you need before graduating.

Certificate Copies for Graduated or Withdrawn Students

Graduated and withdrawn students can obtain a copy of an archived document in place of a lost or destroyed diploma and transcript.