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International activities in Keuda

Prior to Covid, we sent around 130 students abroad each year for mobility periods. In 2022 mobility numbers started to recover again. International mobilities are funded by Erasmus+ -programme.

International activities in Keuda cover a lot of activities:

Mindmap aboit Keuda's international activities.

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Keuda is an experienced host in student and staff mobility, as well as in offering jobshadowing and study visit -type of programs.

Further information of our services below:


Keuda hosts individuals and groups of students for international mobility, mostly to work in companies in the area. Hosting is based on reciprocity with most of our partners. Our priority is co-operating with our longstanding partner schools.

You may request our possibilities to host other students and/or groups.

We have the European Mobility Charter for the new Erasmus+ -program period of 2021-2027.

Staff / Jobshadowing

We host individual staff members, or small groups of 4-6 staff members from 2-3 sectors.

For example: teachers of tourism and visual arts and photography, or cooking teachers and car mechanics and social & health care teachers.

Each visit is planned carefully 3-4 months prior to arrival.

Some costs may occure such as lunches and transportation as well as a hosting fee.


Located very close to the capital area, we are happy to receive numerous expert groups yearly for shorter visits to explore and learn about our training provision and e.g. about current VET-reform in Finland.

We charge a fee for hosting visitors. A minimum charge is 240€ +24% VAT, including 2 hours of expert presentation, discussion on a chosen theme, as well as a 30 min tour of the school premises and workshops. Lunch and coffee may be pre-ordered and invoiced.

Have a look at Keuda´s visiting agenda, it will be fine-tuned according to the interests of the visitors.

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