Your Study Time is Individual 

Even though Keuda follows a common academic year schedule, your study time is individual. The duration of your studies is influenced by your previous studies, work experience, and the time needed for learning. Competence points determine the extent of your skills but not the duration of your studies. In your studies, the focus is on acquiring the missing competence, which means you only study what you don’t yet know in relation to the degree or its parts. 

Your study time is documented in your Personal Study and Career Plan (HOKS). The scope of degrees is as follows: 

  • Vocational basic qualification: 180 ECTS credits 
  • Vocational qualification: 120 or 150 ECTS credits 
  • Specialized vocational qualification: 160, 180, or 210 ECTS credits 

You Can Study in Various Ways 

What, where, and when you study are planned in your Personal Study and Career Plan (HOKS). If your study schedule or implementation plan changes, it’s time to update your HOKS. You can study in many different ways, including: 

  • Classroom instruction, workshops, or support at Keuda’s learning centers 
  • On-the-job training 
  • Online learning, digital learning environments 
  • Work-based learning projects in workplaces 
  • International periods abroad 
  • High school or university studies 
  • Cooperative entrepreneurship through “Yrittämö” 
  • Vocational and cultural skill competitions